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Pleasure to Meet You!

I am Henk Neuhoff, professional photographer with over 15 years of experience.   

Let me not bore you with the history of my photography journey, I will gladly discuss that over a cup of coffee!

In short, I started out as a Sports photographer but my love for action soon turned into a love... for love!

 What really fascinates me, is the art of photography. 

Being in the moment and capturing moments in time that can be shared, re-lived and enjoyed with others, long after I'm gone, keeps me excited and striving towards the next perfect moment. 

My photographs are not just made by a camera, what I bring to the art of photography, is all have seen, all I have experienced, books I've read, music I've enjoyed, people I've loved. 

Your story is worth telling.

Your story matters.

Capturing your story, makes sense of mine!

Photography is the art of writing in time. 

Let me write your story and capture a moment of your life, in time!

Whether your story is an wedding, engagement, couple, family, product, corporate, event, estate, portfolio or promotion, your story matters to you and it matters to me.  


 So, get in touch today and let us start capturing your story!

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